About Us


 Growing up, Gael Ntore, woke up to the wonderful aroma of Burundi coffee in the house and was always captivated by it.


On his journey, across the Atlantic, in search of knowledge and wisdom (and a degree), he was  impressed to find out that the coffee community recognized Burundi coffee as an outstanding coffee but they found it hard to come by. 

He decided to take on this challenge with the help of his brothers and ultimately created Kasozi Brothers to provide Specialty Burundi Coffee.


We whole-heartedly believe in the principle

"Treat others the way you would like to be treated"

We aim to serve you like a guest in our home by not compromising on quality. All our coffee comes in GrainPro packaging that keeps it fresh twice as long as average

Come enjoy unique coffees and change 1000s of lives!

Karibu (Welcome)